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We Can Make Your Packaging From Concept To Delivery

1. CONCEPT - Contact us and our specialist team will come over and help with the concept to application. All this service is absolutely free of charge.

2. DESIGN - There are shapes to select from our ready-made range. If you are looking for something different, our specialist design team will be able to start from scratch.

3. PROOFING We will make a sample for any paper packaging and a physical sample by 3D printer for any tin packaging. Amendments can be made before final manufacture.

4. MANUFACTURE  - Our factory will be able to start manufacturing once sample is approved.

5. DELIVERY We will ship your order using the fastest, safest, and most reliable method possible. An appropriate dispatch method and carrier will be selected when you order. All aspects of delivery including custom clearance and documentations will be well handled.

We can Making an impression. Packaging captures consumer attention and brings your products to life. Offering full Creative and Production services to ensure that your packaging is not only consistent in its look, but the message that you care comes across clearly and effectively in every dimension, from planning and design to selection of materials and inks all while minimizing prices and maximizing your packaging looks, flexibility, durability and strength.


1. It is free for our custom design service

2. Customizable packaging solutions developed around your brand

3. A fully comprehensive service taking your product from concept to delivery

4. Create any shape, size, material or design

5. Get support from our team of industry specialist on hand to help and advise you

6. Sustainably and ethically sourced materials and manufacture process

7. Our current annual capacity is 8 million for the gift paper boxes, 10 million for tins, and 3 million wooden and other boxes

8. Only food safe lacquers and inks making them safe from food to cosmetics

9. Our accreditation,a and factory certifications include: ISO9001:2008, SEDEX, MPMA, BRC, FDA, and many others. Talk to our team for full details on accreditation required for your products. Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found here.

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